With insulating bar supports you can mount and attach the busbars inside the electrical panel and cope with the forces experienced by the busbars during a short circuit.

Conformity to standards

IEC 61439-1
IEC 60865-1


SB C 20 busbar support component is available in X versions

Item Section Number of poles Rated voltage Busbar distance Select
50247300 2x10 3 1000 Vac 110
50247400 2x10 4 1000 Vac 90
50248300 4x5 3 1000 Vac 110
50248400 4x5 4 1000 Vac 90


High current carrying capacities

SB C 20 multipolar edgewise busbar supports are suitable for main switchboard applications where high current carrying capacity is required. Additionally, SB C 20 units have a high withstand capability in terms of short circuit levels thanks to their mechanical structure and design giving them a high withstand to electromechanical loads.

Easy installation

Edgewise mounted, the SB C 20 can be installed in low voltage switchboards for main and/or distribution busbar use in a horizontal and vertical position. Its installation standard dimensions mean it can be integrated in almost all LV systems on the market.

Integrated in the software

Mechanical Systems is a software that can be used to size busbars. It defines the configuration of the busbar system, including the cross-section and distance between supports, according to the required electrical characteristics of the panel in compliance with standard IEC 61439-1. The software runs on Windows.

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