For over 30 years, Art has had its rightful place at Socomec: concerts, exhibitions, creative events, … numerous artistic and cultural partnerships have been associated with the company’s major events.

It is a historic part of our policy of openness to creativity in the widest sense.

Since 2018, a new artistic adventure has taken shape around Street art. Socomec is the main partner of the Contemporary Urban Art and Graffiti collective COLORS, which operates in Est of France, organizing Street art events.

Ivan Steyert
Ivan Steyert

Part of our policy for openness

"Art is a universal language that evokes emotion, creativity and sharing."

2022, a year rich in collaboration

From frescoes and artist's performances to personalized electrical cabinet or street art festival with local and international artists, Colors Urban Art powered by Socomec has been productive in 2022. Watch out our retrospective video!

More than 250 cabinets to brighten up the city

In the heart of Strasbourg's Euro-metropolis lie more than 250 electrical cabinets customized by Street Art artists. Urban symbol of our business, these cabinets can be found in all kinds of neighborhoods, and have become a favorite medium for the artists of the Colors Urban Art powered by Socomec collective.


Cabinets are also on our sites !

Frescoes on our walls

Street art also has its place within Socomec. Street artists Kazy, Stom 500 and Pisco have worked on our facades in recent years. A collaboration appreciated by our employees, our visitors and our neighbors.

And on the occasion of Socomec's 100th anniversary in 2022, muralist Astro has lent himself to the game. Over 30 meters long and 4 meters high, the trompe l'oeil fresco covers one of Socomec's historic production units. This is the molding shop for the polyester housings used in the various switchgear manufactured by the company over the last hundred years.