gPV fuses protect facilities against surges related to reverse currents that can occur in photovoltaic systems.
When to protect
You must protect the PV strings from surges if the current delivered by the set minus one of the parallel strings is greater than the reverse current supported by the type of modules used in this generator.
How to protect
Protecting from overcurrents involves ensuring that both polarities are functionally grounded whether the DC is connected or not.

Conformity to standards

IEC 60269-6
IEC 60269-1
IEC 60269-2


High breaking capacity

Up to 50 kA at 1000 VDC, 30 kA at 1500 VDC.

Product designed for photovoltaic systems

Operating ranges adapted to low overcurrents specific to photovoltaic systems.

Increased reliability

- Absolute protection over time guaranteed by the simplicity of manufacture and function (Joule effect).
- No degradation of fuse characteristics over time.

Improved safety

The energy released whilst eliminating the fault (fuse blowing) is contained within the cartridge (no degassing).

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