Enclosed changeover switches ensure the on-load transfer between two sources or loads, as well as providing safety isolation, for all low-voltage electrical circuits. In addition, they provide protection against contact with live parts and environmental elements such as dust, water and other hazards.
They enable the shutdown and isolation of the power supply as close to the equipment as possible.

Conformity to standards

IEC 60947-3
UL 60947-4-1


Safe operation

- Local transfer and isolation.
- Ergonomic operating handle.
- Triple locking in the OFF position.

Suitable for all kinds of environments

- Insulated enclosures for chemical environments and outdoor areas.
- Painted steel for impact protection.
- Stainless steel for food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Easy installation

- Room for cabling.
- Cable gland knockouts or removable gland plates.

Extensive range

- Available for switching types I-II and I-0-II.
- Products suitable for any use.
- Red-yellow operating handle.

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