FUSERBLOC DRIVE units with manual front operation are multipole DC fuse combination switch. 
They guarantee the overcurrent protection of any low-voltage electrical circuit for capacitive loads (capacitor) by limiting the high inrush current during circuit power-up and are designed for performing maintenance of DC/AC variable speed drives or PV inverters without shutting down the entire installation.
This range is available in direct and external operation, in 2 power poles + 2 pre-charge poles*, up to 1600 A.
*Contact us for version with 1 pre-charge pole and/or UL version.

Conformity to standards

IEC 60947-3


FUSERBLOC DRIVE 2PP is available in X versions


Simple and compact

The FUSERBLOC Drive unit is the most compact and simple solution on the market for variable speed drives under a common DC bus, combining 3 functions: isolation, protection and pre-charging in a single device.

Automatic pre-charging

After maintenance operations, pre-charging of the inverter capacitors is managed automatically via a coil, and opening of the pre-charging poles and closure of the power poles is also done automatically.

Optimised maintenance

This multifunction device enables maintenance work to be done on part of the electrical system while leaving the rest of the equipment powered on.

Improved safety

The double phase isolator (upstream-downstream of the fuse), isolation and padlocking ensure complete safety for people when replacing a fuse, and the unit is capable of maintaining the OFF, pre-charge or ON position in the event of power failure.


  • Industry - Protection for drives and motors

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