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Magnetic-electric voltmeters measure the DC voltage on any electrical circuit.
They are embedded in the front panel of cabinets, enclosures or other equipment.

Conformity to standards

IEC 60051-1
IEC 60414
NF EN 60051-1
DIN 43780
NF C 42-010
VDE 0410
BS 5448
BS 89


DC analogue voltmeters is available in X versions

Item Type Rated voltage Scale nominal value Select
192G5112 D72x72 0..25 VDC 90°
192G5113 D72x72 0..40 VDC 90°
192G5116 D72x72 0..150 VDC 90°


Extensive range

The extensive range enables you to choose between different types of cases, different sizes, different ratings and different connections to adapt the equipment to your needs.

Made in Europe

Product manufactured in Europe for a higher standard of quality and finishing.

Many accessories

Many accessories are available to customise your device: protective covers, interchangeable scales, protective windows, sealed joints.

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