Net Vision is a communication interface designed for enterprise networks that enables a direct and secure connection between the UPS and the Ethernet network. This connection provides a wide range of network services, including UPS monitoring, event notifications, the automatic shutdown of servers powered by the UPS and many other services. Net Vision also serves as an IoT gateway, granting access to a comprehensive array of digital services. It is compatible with all UPS ranges equipped with a communication slot.


Simplified equipment management

- Ethernet 10 / 100 Mb / 1Gb (RJ 45) connectivity.
- User-friendly web interface dedicated to UPS monitoring.
- UPS supervision via SNMP protocols v1, v2c, and v3.
- Remote shutdown of standalone servers (compatible with JNC software) or virtual environments (compatible with VIRTUAL-JNC software).
- Event notification via email.
- Additional services available, such as SYSLOG, RADIUS, NTP, and SSH.
- Environmental monitoring (temperature and humidity sensor with the EMD option).

Secure access and encrypted connections

- Enhanced security with encrypted protocols (TLS 1.3).
- Usage of certificates for HTTPS connection.
- Robust password policy: access blocked after multiple attempts, access for a limited period.
- Adherence to the cybersecurity guidelines of ISO/IEC 62443-4-2 standard.
- Cybersecurity test certificate by a third-party company.

Access to digital services

As an IoT gateway, Net Vision grants access to a comprehensive array of digital services through the Socomec cloud environment, including:
- SoLive, Socomec's free mobile app for the remote monitoring of your UPS.
- 24/7 UPS remote monitoring by Socomec experts with a quarterly health status report for your UPS.
- SoLive Pro, enabling you to create custom dashboards within the Socomec cloud environment.
- SoData, a cloud-to-cloud solution that integrates your UPS into your cloud environment using data stored in the Socomec cloud.

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