The DATALOG H80 and H81 are industrial rated dataloggers with a high storage capacity that can:
- centralise multiple Socomec measurement systems with an Ethernet connection,
- secure and store measurement data locally,
- provide data to Energy Management and Building Management software by exporting automatically and cyclically to remote servers via secure FTPS or HTTPS protocols,
- use a local Ethernet or 4G networks.

Conformity to standards

IEC 62974-1


Easy to install

- DIN rail mounting.
- Compact.
- Rated to be installed in industrial environments.
- Full configuration done via the embedded webserver.
- Automatically detects Socomec meters and power monitoring devices.


- Automatic export to remote servers (FTPS, HTTPS) for energy index, load curves and trends (daily, weekly etc.).
- Email notifications in case of alarms on a connected device.
- 4G communication for applications with no Ethernet network available.

Advanced functions

- 64 Go memory allows to store measurements of connected devices over many years.
- Compatible with third-party Modbus devices.
- Version with embedded energy management software WEBVIEW-L.

Cyber security

- Secure communication protocols to ensure the confidentiality of data (HTTPS, FTPS, SMTPS),
- Custom security policy: you can disable ports, services and protocols that are not mandatory to your use case, in order to reduce the attack exposure.
- Robust password policy, to prevent unauthorised users to alter the functioning of the energy management system.

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